House Rules


All alignments are acceptable at the table, though it is expected that you find a reason to adventure with the group. Even evil people keep others around. Also do not use your alignment as a justification for your actions, they should meet your personality. Extreme times call for extreme measures, during such times if you default to you alignments “standard operating procedures” then that is one thing. Going around killing everyone make you evil, yes, but it also makes you a murderer. Crimes are punished, harshly in most cases. If your character’s personality conflicts too much with the majority of the party you will be asked to adjust in story or remove the character if they see no need to change their ways. This is also the case if the party is a majority of evil characters a good character may be ask to change for party cohesion. Ultimately your alignment matters little, it is all about party cohesion and story in this game.

GM Expectation/Attendance

As the per the norm we will be posting the schedule for each weekend on the facebook group page “Mega Gaming Weekend.” If you are unable to attend please let me know as soon as possible, since I run a very story driven game I will need to know so that I can make adjustments if your character will not be in attendance. If you do not let me know ahead of time and you do not show up (no call, no show) I will mark this down, three sequential “no call, no shows” and you will be removed from the game.


Actions XP Earned Bonus XP
Attending the Game 1000
Role Playing Well up to 1000
In Game accomplishments Varies
Posting an Adventure Log or participating in Forum 1000

In addition, players that are active on Obsidian Portal will get rewards that will not be available anywhere else. These rewards are called Fortunes and represent the spirits granting you benefits for your hard work. (Thanks StephenWollett of Star Trek Late Night for the idea.)

Activity Fortunes Awarded Examples
Any OP Activity 1 Includes NPC updates(1) along with log posting after your 1st entry for Bonus XP and medium forum use
Moderate OP Activity 2 Include the above, heavy forum use
Exceptional OP Activity 3 Include the above, plus making various wiki entries

1 For spouses, kids and other player created NPC this will only be awarded after you have filled in the whole character page.

Using Fortunes

Fortunes may be traded in at any time during game play on the character’s action.

Spend one Fortune to perform any of the following:

  • Gain 1 Hero Point, cannot exceed max total allowed to character.
  • Target critically succeed any d20 roll.
  • Target critically fail any d20 roll.
  • Target recovers 1d10+(heroic level) Wounds or Vigor. Can only be used when the target is above 0 Wounds
  • GM hint/suggestion

Target refers to any PC or NPC.

Spend two Fortunes to gain the following bonus:

  • Target survives with one Wound point when something happens that kills them.
  • Gain an access to an otherwise restricted court or area.

Spend five Fortunes to gain a loyal follower or ally, this person may or may not adventure with you depending on the request. All followers start with low skill in their fields and can be improved with an additional five Fortunes. This shows that you have spent some of your good fortune to improve the lives of your followers (This also grants you higher loyalty from them). Allies cannot be improved as they are targets of their own fortune (though you can help them in Role Play)

Example of followers:

  • Doctor
  • Messenger
  • Spy
  • Chronicler
  • Lover
  • Slave
  • Craftsman
  • One Elite Guard
  • Five Inexperienced Guards for property

Example of allies, allies can come from any region and can be past NPC’s encountered if you desire. You must have met the person at some point in person, can be from your background:

  • Official
  • PC Classed NPC

Character Biography(fluff)

Copy and paste in your character/NPC biography section:

Known friends:
Known Enemies:


1. How would others describe your appearance?

2. What is your primary motivation?

3. Who is the person you trust most in the world?

4. What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?

5. Are you married? (Or arranged to be married?)

6. Do you have any prejudices?

7. To whom do you owe the most loyalty?

8. What are your favorite and least favorite things?

9. What about your emotions?

10. How would your parents describe you?

11. What is your highest ambition?

12. How religious are you?

13. How will you die?

House Rules

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