Harn's End

Town of Harn’s End

Total population: 3156
Merin: 1704
Elrin: 379
Elrini: 189
Kru: 32
Warforged: 410
Thalm: 126
Total guard: 5

In addition, 39 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the Town , and are overseen by 2 ordained priests.

Services in this Town :


  • White Horse Inn: Inn only, fairly safe. Owned by Reverend Samuel Day(Merin).
  • Bill’s Resting Place: A cheap inn with no security. They do maintain high privacy of their guest and will not share information of who has stay at the inn. Because of this many criminal have found refuge at Bill’s Resting Place. Owned by Bill Smiles(Merin).


  • The Rabid Paladin: Owned by Reverend Samuel Day(Merin) and operated by Sam(Thalmi). A rough establishment with no security, mostly a locals bar. It has little problems with locals but visitors are often bullied and threatened. This has led to many duels outside the building. Also serves as the towns cat house.
  • The Bull and Maiden: Owned by Bull(Warforged) and his wife Yára “Maiden” Cromos(Elrin). Travelers welcome, good clean establishment with a reputation for good food. The tavern is also a Guild Hall, offering membership and jobs for those looking. Bull is the bartender and Maiden is the chief. Two barmaids, Amariel(Elrini) and Teiff Grazgdak(Kru).
  • Cracked Mug: Upscale tavern, very costly and has few visitor aside from the mayor and his personal guests. Owned by Father Samuel Day(Merin) and operated by Kang Denaka(Thalm). Kang has two daughters that work as barmaids, Kareen Denaka(Thalmi) and Shota Denaka(Thalm). Kang is a widower.


  • John St. Michael(Merin): One of the most sought after gunsmiths. Each piece is hand crafted one at a time, tailor made specifically for the purchaser. Apprentice: Steven Hall(Merin).
  • Otis Thornwall(Merin): Gunsmith, makes generic weapons at a more affordable rate than St. Michael does.
  • Ninefor(Warforged): Armor and classic weapons. Ninefor is very small for a Warforge but is known around the area for his fast production and quality weapons. He takes custom orders as well. Ninefor has a warforged dog named Spark who has been trained to help work the forge. Spark one of few warforged animals made by the Salamanders of Sati.


  • Reverend Samuel Day Though a very crooked business man Father Day is still an ordained priest of Pharasma and does provide healing services at a reasonable fee.
  • Jess Winer Some call her a witch, they would be right, but she does offer healing services for trade as well as cost helping even the poor folks of Harn’s End.


  • Yára “Maiden” Cromos Master bowyer, but does not craft often.
  • Daeron Cromos Elder brother to Yára.

Magic Shops:

  • Jess Winer runs a small shop with magical components and focuses from her house.


  • Volkar Zekron a Kru who keeps to himself and is hard pressed to leave his store.


  • The General Store Owned by Reverend Day and ran by Boroster Fran (Kru).

Leatherworkers: 5

Tailors: 9
Jewelers: 2
Cobblers: 10
Fishmongers: 3
Farriers: 6
Carpenters: 6
Masons: 5

Harn's End

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